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Local Coupons NC Blogs! is the place to find money saving ideas, tips, and frugal ways to stretch your dollar. Local Coupons NC has put together this page to share with you steps that can modivate you to be more thrifty. While these tips have worked for many we ask that you consider all options before giving them a try. Local Coupons NC "Where savings are just a click away"! 


March 22, 2018



Ten Simple Money Saving Ideas!

June 18, 2009
Ten Simple Money Saving Ideas!

Ten Simple Money Saving Ideas From Local Coupons NC!Ten Simple Money Saving Ideas!


1. One of the oldest and best ways for you to save money is by using money saving coupons!  Clipping coupons is not just for your mom anymore!  Did you know that using coupons has become an art and with the power of the internet the savings can be huge! 
It has become “Hip to be thrifty”!  Most of the retail sales generated over the last year have been generated by simple coupon saving ads!
Coupons have become a vital tool for both retailers and savvy shoppers
2. Try setting a weekly budget and use cash this way you are more aware of what you are spending and won’t add up credit card interest fees, service fees and late fees!
3. Try cooking at home rather than going out!  If you still must go out look for local coupons from local merchants.  Buy discounted gift cards!  Look for restaurants that offer better value for your dollar!  Restaurants now offer a “Kids Eat Free Night” this can add up to a huge savings for medium to large families.
4. Consider switching your local phone service to VOIP providers like ACN or Vonage. For $30 you can have local, long distance, caller ID, even video phone messaging! Stop paying for all the extra stuff that VoIP service companies give to you for free!
5. Try and bundle your home and car insurance. Get a quote on your home and auto insurance to make sure you’re getting the best price. Staying with the same insurer can get you loyalty discounts, but if someone else can give you a better rate it might make sence to make the change!
6. Wash your clothes in cold water using alternative bleach for colored clothes!  Don’t use the dryer to dry your clothes! Hang your clothes up to dry outside or in the laundry room and run a fan!
7. If you can do without all the cable channels... buy a Digital converter box and watch TV for free!
8. No more bottle water or specialty coffees at those high priced café’s.  $2.00 bottle of water!  Really!  $3.60 for a cup of coffee way too much!  Buy a water filter and some organic “fair trade” coffee at the local whole foods store and grind it and brew it yourself!  It is just as good. Most times even better and you will save a ton!

 Call your cell phone provider and ask to speak to the retention department.  You might be surprised to hear how much they can save you if you choose not to leave them.  Also ask if they currently offer any discounts for the company that you work for?
10. Open your windows in the summertime and use fans! Install a programmable thermostat. The thermostat can be programmed to reduce heat or air conditioning when you’re away or asleep.  Energy Star states that homeowners can save an average of $180 a year by properly setting their programmable thermostats and maintaining those settings.
Use LED lights and fluorescent lights (CFLs). While the bulb will cost more than a regular bulb, one bulb can save you a considerable amount in energy over the 5 year life of the bulb.

We hope these tips help!  There are many other ways that you can save money!  These are just a few.  Try and make it a challenge with your family and see how much you can save each month.  Talking with your family and getting them to buy-in might not be very hard at all!




List of 10 things to consider if you want to have a successful yard sale or garage sale!

June 17, 2009
List of 10 things to consider if you want to have a successful yard sale or garage sale!

10 Key Things To Consider If You Want To Have a Successful Yard Sale!

 Advertise everywhere!  Start with posting your Yard sale or garage sale on our Free Local Events and Happenings Community Calendar!  If you can swing it then maybe a small ad in the local newspaper. Particularly if you live in an area that does not have lots of traffic or is tucked away!  Keep your message short and give the right info like: time, address, and list some top items if any such as washer, dryer, tv, living room set, bedroom set, etc.
2. You can also post your yard sale / garage sale on bulletin boards in your community (grocery stores, community center, Laundromats etc). You'll also want to put up signs in your neighborhood the evening before your sale directing them to your house. Drawing arrows on the signs helps. Use sturdy cardboard and make the signs legible. Use those big fat poster markers!! 

Drive by your signs after you put them up to make sure that you can read them!  If you can’t; guess what…neither can anyone else! Most importantly, after your sale is over, TAKE THE SIGNS DOWN.
3. If you have time, months before your yard sale, start accumulating the items you want to sell. Put all the items in a box in some out-of the-way place. If you don't have to retrieve an item out of the box before the sale, it's probably safe to assume you don't need it and can sell it. If you still have the original boxes and instruction manuals for an item, you can probably charge a little bit more for the item. As you accumulate stuff for your sale, make sure you do not sell something that you'll regret later. Do not sell anything without the owner's approval it might be worth more than you know!  There is a lot to be said about sentimental value.
4. Put a price on everything!  Right on top so there is no mistaken it!  Figure 33% of what a new one would cost is about right!  Set a goal!  What do you want to do with the items that are not sold?  Are they going back into that nice and clean area?  Are you going to drop it off to good will?  If the goal is to get rid of your items then do just that!   If someone shows an interest negotiate!  Talk to everyone and let them know that you are open to haggling! If you don’t want to put the price on every item then group them in sections with prices!  “ anything in this box for .25¢”
5. Your yard sale/ garage sale will be more successful if you take the time and make sure everything is clean and shiny and displayed nicely. Ask friends/neighbors to loan you portable tables if necessary.  Be friendly to people!
6. Make sure any item you DON'T want to sell if you hold your sale in your garage, is put away. Don’t leave things to chance and confusion!
7. Protect your money! Have lots of coins and small bills available to make change. If you don't, your first customer will be having a $20 bill trying to buy .50 worth of stuff. Do not leave your money where visitors can get to it very easily. A fanny pack is a great Idea this way your money is with you at all times!
8. Having a calculator can come in handy. Have grocery bags available to put sold items in. It's also a good idea to have some newspaper available to wrap breakable items. Having a long extension cord handy so that electrical items can be tested is another good idea!
9. Get the whole family involved!  Lemonade stands are a big hit on a hot day and even baked goods!  This is a great opportunity for children to learn about being an entrepreneur.
10. Be aware of your surroundings!  Try and have more than one adult with you at all times for safety! If possible, invite a neighbor or friend to join you in your yard sale. It’s also cheaper to split the cost of the newspaper ad with someone. And the more stuff you have available to sell the better!
Most importantly have fun!!!!! Having a successful yard sale and or garage sale can be a lot of work but it can also be lots of fun!  Try to keep a positive attitude and hope for the best but just in case it does not turn out the way that you had hoped having a plan after the long day will be helpful!
Good Luck!

The Team

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rick bunson

Jun-17 2:34am

Thanks for the tips!<br /> My wife and I will be helping our church with this year's yard sale! I will surely use some if not all of these great tips! By the way what is the catch with your Events calendar? I cant belive that you offer this service for free with out there being some kind of catch. Rick

Coupon Sales Go Through the roof in 2009

June 1, 2009
Will 2009 Be the Year of the Coupon?

Armando Roggio Asks: Will 2009 Be the Year of the Coupon?

In his Blog he writes...

“2009 begins in the shadow of global economic recession. The Consumer Confidence Index hovers at 38, a new low in United States, and those consumers that are shopping want deals. So could 2009 be the year of the ecommerce coupon?

According to a Dec. 10, 2008 comScore report, coupon use grew 63 percent for the one week period beginning Dec. 1, 2008 compared to the first week of December 2007 as a source of referral for ecommerce sales. Coupons represented 1.8 percent of all sources of referral for ecommerce sales, comScore said. Similarly Google Insights for Search tracked a 51 percent growth in searches for the keyword "coupon" in December 2008 compared to December 2007.”

We at believe that coupons are on the come back and most of our retailers, and visitors to our website are benefiting from its recent growth!

Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant’s Manager Eleazar Juarez says: “Our sales have increased tremendously over the last several months!  People are looking for real savings and since most of our customers have families they continue to look for ways to save money!  With a struggling economy coupons have helped keep our tables full!”

To learn how can help your business,  contact us by filling out this simple request form and we will have one of our representatives contact you!
Thank You,

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